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                                                                                                                                Compound premix feed for livestock and poultry VII

Product standard numberQ/JPN 011-2022

Health master of Qi-Blood circulation Invigorating therapy, Regulate various Qi-Blood problems

Nourishing both Qi and Blood, Short delivering process, less disease, grow fast

Produced by the technology of extraction concentration, increase appetite, protect liver and kidney.

In modern breeding, sows are in a high-production state. Due to frequent production and small amount of exercise or other reasons, they are easy involved in the problem of ' Qi-Blood deficiency and stagnation ' and cause a series of negative effects.

Sows Qi-Blood deficiency and stagnation

Qi-Blood deficiency leads to prolonged labor and dystocia

Postpartum astriction and loss of appetite in sows.

Hemopenia generating wind leads to postpartum paralysis in sows.

Qi-Blood deficiency leads to postpartum hypogalactia and low milk quality.

Qi-Blood deficiency leads to asthenic splenonephro-yang, Kidney deficiency leads to abnormal estrus in sows.

Blood stasis of fallopian tubes and uterus will affecting the number of fertilized eggs.

Piglets  Weaning stress

Piglets have to experience cessation of breastfeeding during the nursery period. Due to the stress of leaving sows, food changes, environmental changes, vaccination and so on, the digestive function and the immune system are still in developing, and the incidence of sub-health symptoms in nursery pigs is high. The smooth transition period is also a key factor affecting the efficiency of pig farms.

Guaranteed value of composition analysis

Nutritional Analysis

Vitamin B6 (g/kg)

Taurine (g/kg)





The allowable error in determining feed testing results shall be executed according to GB/T18823-2010.


Enhance immunity

The active ingredients of natural plants in this product have significant immune enhancement, which can improve immunity & sub-health status, and have good immune response.

Tonifying Qi-Blood

Tonifying spleen and kidney, nourishing Qi-Blood, effectively improving sow productivity, shortening labor process and reducing neonatal piglet mortality. Regulate constipation, insufficient milk and anestrus due to Qi-Blood deficiency and stagnation in sows. Promote the development of the reproductive system and improve the reproductive performance of livestock and poultry.

Hepatorenal protection

Nourish liver and kidney, improve the ability to remove mycotoxins, metabolic endotoxin in vivo. Enhance antioxidant activity and protect cell viability.

Enhance appetite

It contains vitamin B6 and taurine, which can effectively enhance the appetite, improve metabolism, promote the growth and disease recovery.

Recommended usage:

Mix with feed: 500g mix per MT of feed for long-term use. Short term care ( within 2 weeks) , 1000~2000g mix per MT of feed.



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