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D-IMMU (Improved version)

Compound premix feed for livestock and poultry IV

This product meets the feed hygiene standards

Product standard numberQ/JPN 008-2022

Suitable for long-term use

Leading a new era of non-antibiotics feeding

Solve Sub-health situation of swine

Comprehensively enhance immunity

Increase birth rate   Reduce mortality rate    Ensure healthy state in animals

Growth promotion   More benefit for breeeding

22 types of pure Chinese herbals

Solid-substrate fermentation

6 typs of Oligosaccharides + 6 types of Enzymes

Mechanism of action

1.       Lysine is directly involved in the synthesis of animal protein. As a limiting amino acid in pigs, lysine is an indispensable part of protein synthesis. The content of lysine in animal diets not only reflects the quality of dietary protein, but also has an important effect on improving the daily gain, feed conversion ratio and carcass quality of animals.

2.       Vitamin B1 ( thiamine ) is involved in the regulation of carbohydrate metabolism and maintains the normal function of nerve tissue and heart.

3.       Add a variety of traditional Chinese herbal medicines, use advanced processing technology, and play the important role of herbal ingredients in regulating Yin- Yang balance and keeping healthy. Restore the body 's instinctive immune response ability, effectively improve immunity and antibody levels. This formula can nourish the spleen and kidney, nourish Qi –B lood, regulate appetite, support the essence and remore the pathogeny, improve deficiency, weakness, and sub-health conditions, especially effective to keep sows with long-term high production status. By regulating the health status and production performance of sows, the benefits of two generations can be achieved. It’s not only improve the sub-health status, but also can extending the high-performance service life of sows, and ensuring that the next generation maintain health.

Sows: Improve constipation, remove tear spots and desquamation skin. Promote healthy status and body weight of piglets. Promote the delivering process and provide good quality milk.

Nursery pigs/Piglets: Promote intestinal health and smooth fur, increase appetite and body weight gain, improve antibody levels.

Medium size/big size pigs: Increase feed returns, Improve ketone body, body weight gain and meat quality.

Main Composition:

Vitamin B1, L-lysine, Carrier: Astragalus membranaceus, Poria cocos, Chinese wolfberry, glucose.

Nutritional Analysis

Vitamin B1 (g/kg)

L-lysine (g/kg)





The allowable error in determining feed testing results shall be executed according to GB/T18823-2010.

Dosage and Administration:

Mix with feed: Pig, cattle, goat, mink, fox, raccoon dog: 10kg per MT, continuous feeding for more than 3 weeks.

Poultry: 5kg per MT, ontinuous feeding for more than 3 weeks..

When animals are in a sub-health status, additional dosage should be arranged, also can be used in combination with other drugs.

The carrier of this product is natural Chinese herbal additives, as a preventive health care agent, it can be added for long-term use.


1. Store in a cool and dry place, and use it as soon as possible after opening it.

2. Make sure mix evenly before use.

3. Slight color difference does not affect product quality.

4. Do not mix store with toxic and harmful substances.

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