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1% Ivermectin injection

1% Ivermectin Injection Instructions

Veterinary non-prescription drugs

Drug Name

Generic Name: Ivermectin Injection

Trade Name:

English Name: Ivermectin Injection

Chinese Spelling: Yiweijunsu Zhusheye

Main Component】Ivermectin

Physical appearance】Colorless or almost colorless clear liquid, slightly sticky.

Pharmacological EffectPharmacodynamic: Ivermectin has a good disinfestation effect on body nematodes and body surface arthropods. Its mechanism of action is to promote presynaptic neurons to release gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), thereby opening GABA-mediated chloride channels. Ivermectin also has selectivity and high affinity for glutamate-mediated chloride channels in invertebrate neurons and muscle cells located near GABA-mediated sites, so as to interfere with the transmission of signals between neuromuscular and muscles, causing the parasites to relax and paralyze, resulting in the death or excretion of parasites. The site of action of the nematode is its inhibitory interneurons and excitatory motor neurons, and the arthropod's site of action is the neuromuscular junction. The removal rate could reach 97%~100% to those invertebrate such as Haemonchus spp., Austroichema spp., Coopera elegans, Trichostrongylides (including T. elegans), Roundworm nematode, Belicus nematode, Collembola nematode, Trichuris punctiferalis, Esophageal nematode, Commelina and sheep Adult worms, fourth-stage larvae on the cattle and sheep. It is also effective for arthropods, such as fly lice, cockroaches, and fleas. The efficacy of chewing lice and sheep sheep flies is slightly poorer. Ivermectin is also very effective against ticks and flies that reproduce in feces. Although drugs do not immediately kill ticks, they can affect feeding, molting, and egg laying, thereby reducing reproductive ability. The removal rate could reach 94%~100% to those invertebrate such as aphids, red round nematodes, roundworms, round head nematodes, esophageal nematodes, adult worms and immature parasites on the pig, also extremely effective to Intestinal Trichinella (inactive to Trichinella spiralis) , it also has good control performance to swine blood stasis and swine fever. Not effective against trematodes and aphids.     

Pharmacokinetics: The pharmacokinetics of ivermectin vary significantly depending on the animal species, dosage form, and route of administration. Subcutaneous injections have higher bioavailability than oral administration, but internal absorption is faster than subcutaneous injections. After absorption, it can be well distributed to most tissues, but it is not easy to enter the cerebrospinal fluid. The performance volumes of cattle, sheep, and pigs were 0.45~2.4, 4.6 and 4L/kg, respectively. In most animals there is a longer half-life of 2~3, 2~7 and 0.5 days for cattle, sheep and pigs. This product is metabolized in the liver and is mainly hydroxylated in cattle and sheep, mainly methylated in pigs. Mainly excreted from the feces, less than 5% excreted from the urine as prototype or metabolites. Up to 5% of the lactating dam is discharged from the milk.

Medicine Interactions】Simultaneous use with ethamazine may cause severe or fatal encephalopathy.

Function】Macrolide antiparasitic drugs. For the control of domestic animal nematode diseases, rickets and other parasitic entomopathies.

Usage and dosage】Subcutaneous injection: One dose, per 1 kg of body weight 0.02 ml for cattle and sheep, 0.03 ml for pigs.

Adverse reactions】(1)When used to treat dermatosis, such as killing larvae in critical areas, it will cause serious adverse reactions.

(2)During injection, there is discomfort or temporary edema at the injection site.

Note】(1)Lactation disabled.

(2)For subcutaneous injection use only, it is easy to cause poisoning due to intramuscular and intravenous injections. Each subcutaneous injection point should not exceed 10 mL.

(3)Ivermectin injections containing glycerol formal and propylene glycol are only suitable for cattle, sheep and pigs.

(4)Ivermectin is highly toxic to shrimps, fish and aquatic organisms, the remaining drugs and packaging must not contaminate water sources.

(5)Simultaneous use with ethamazine may cause severe or fatal encephalopathy.

Withdrawal period】35 days for cows and sheep, 28 days for the pigs.

Specification】Calculated by ivermectin (H2B1a+H2B1b)100ml:1000mg


Storage】Stored at cool, dry and dark place.

Validity】2 years

Approval No.】

Executive Standard】Chinese Veterinary Pharmacopoeia 2015 Edition Part 1.

Production License】(2014)Veterinary Drug Production License No. 14044.

GMP Certificate No.】(2014)Veterinary Drug GMP Certificate No. 58.

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